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NASA | LRO: Mapping Our Future

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Astrobotic Technology’s Mission and Vision

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Psalm 89:37

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moon“His seed shall endure for ever, and his throne as the sun before me.
“It shall be established forever like the moon, Even like the faithful witness in the sky.” Selah
(King James Version)


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Psalm 8:3-4

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eyeofgod“When I consider thy heavens, the work of thy fingers, the moon and the stars, which thou hast ordained;
“What is man, that thou art mindful of him? and the son of man, that thou visitest him?”
(King James Version)

“I look up at your macro-skies, dark and enormous, your handmade sky-jewelry, Moon and stars mounted in their settings.Then I look at my micro-self and wonder, Why do you bother with us?”
(The Message)

Pre-Launch Status (Aug 09)

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launch newsCOM = Cross on the Moon

At the time of this writing (Aug 10, 2009), COM’s web site is one week away from going public. We have been testing our beta site for 2 weeks. Without any announcements, there have been several global comments and all were positive. We had about a dozen donations, mostly from testing the web-site’s e-commerce flow but also a few cash contributions. Most inspiring to date was $6 from Zach, a seventh grader with a keen interest to be an astronaut.

We believe COM is the first Christian Space Mission to the Moon. We are negotiating with a capable technical team who could safely transport the cross and robotically place it on the moon.

The ticket price for any “moon bus” is expensive but we are not shoudering the costs alone. We hope to announce the name of the private enterprise soon. They and COM do not have conflicting interests.

In September, COM plans to post a Christian music video. We appreciate your prayers. COM’s success will only be because our Lord is in control. We are servants using the gift and umbrella of grace He provides.

Stay tuned for more updates….

Michael Clark, Cross on the Moon President

The First Christian Mission to the Moon

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crossmoonPittsburgh Pa- Aug 2009

There have been Christian space missions if you consider evangelists using commercial satellites to preach the gospel to millions. Then there was  Buzz Aldrin conducting holy communion in private from the moon during Apollo 11. But a new 501C-3 corporation plans to charter a ride to the moon for a very special and publicly visible mission.

The Cross on the Moon Foundation, a non-profit organization registered in the state of Pennsylvania, plans to share the ride aboard a private robotic spacecraft heading to the moon in 2011.  “We ask for small donations to mostly cover the large space transportation costs. We have no other agenda than to place a cross on the moon and beyond” said CEO Mike Clark

Clark adds that the accomplishment of placing a cross on the moon is much like building a fine cathedral dedicated to Christ.  It will take the skills and dedication of many. Once placed on the moon, the cross will endure longer than any man made object on Earth.

“We are negotiating with one of the Google Lunar X teams. Our schedue is to launch in 2011 and then broadcast the placement of the cross with high definition television signals from the surface of the moon.”

Clark continued, “Our 7th and 8th graders today are the ones who will travel for extended periods to the moon in the 2020’s. Machines will prepare the way in the 2010’s. We believe a global effort to place a cross on the moon is an act of reverence to God, made even more significant by all Christians sharing the burden to carry it there.”

The Cross on the Moon Foundation is comprised solely of volunteers. There are no salaried executives or hired fund raisers. Instead, the organization believes their web site will receive donations from around the world to make this moon mission a reality.

Google’s Lunar X Prize

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The Google Lunar X PRIZE is a $30 million international competition to safely land a robot on the surface of the Moon, travel 500 meters over the lunar surface, and send images and data back to the Earth. Teams must be at least 90% privately funded and must be registered to compete by December 31, 2010. The first team to land on the Moon and complete the mission objectives will be awarded $20 million; the full first prize is available until December 31, 2012. After that date, the first prize will drop to $15 million. The second team to do so will be awarded $5 million. Another $5 million will awarded in bonus prizes. The final deadline for winning the prize is December 31, 2014.

Wikipedia reference

Moon Questions, part 1

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How old is the moon?

Why does the moon glow?

How far away is the moon?

Does the distance from the Earth to its moon stay the same?

How long does it take to travel to the moon?

What is the moon made of?

How many people have walked on the moon?

Are there any active robots on the moon now?

What is Google’s Lunar X Prize?

X-Rays from Space: NASA dubbs ” hand of God”

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handofgodCambridge Ma- Apr 2009: We have already seen pictures of his eye … now we have the first image of the hand of God.

A ghostly blue cloud seems to form an outstretched thumb and fingers grasping a ball of fire.

The amazing image was taken by NASA’s Chandra X-ray observatory, which is orbiting 580km (360 miles) above the Earth.

It recalls pictures of the Helix planetary nebula, with its blue centre surrounded by white clouds which earned it the nickname “the eye of God”.

The hand was created when a star exploded in a supernova, creating a rapidly spinning 20km-wide star called a pulsar, which is deep inside the white blob at the hand’s wrist.

The pulsar is spewing out enormous amounts of electromagnetic energy, creating a dust and gas cloud so wide it would take 150 years to cross at the speed of light.

The red disc is a separate gas cloud. The fingers are thought to have been created as energy passed from the pulsar to the gas cloud.

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