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Pre Launch Status (May 2010)

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COM = Cross on the Moon; Our activities this month focused on Memorial Day and reviewing some articles from the Moon Society. This is a worthy organization that believes as we do that there will be lunar colonies one day. More info is here: Moon Society

Space industrialists are marching forward quickly. NASA held an industry day this month in Houston that discussed near future missions. These include remote robot operations from the earth to the Space Station and from the Space Station to the moon. This Friday, June 4th Space X could launch from Cape Canaveral for thier first test flight of the Falcon 9. This is NASA’s choice launch platform for when the Shuttle retires this year. With a 1.6 billion contract representing 12 flights and an option for additonal missions, the total contract value is near $3.1 billion. Read more here: SPACE X info

On April 22nd 2010 the Deep Horizon oil drilling platform collapsed and in the resulting days, oil and gas has been entering the Gulf of Mexico in the billions of barrels. Robots and their skilled operators are trying to cap the well, a hard task at 5,000 feet under water. Space is a similar, hostile environment. Distance to the moon is much farther. Robots will lead first but mankind will follow. There will be lunar societies. We hope individuals who work for months, maybe years on the moon will be free to practice their faith. Discussions at cross on the moon can help us understand if worship is valid, no matter where in the Universe.

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