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Pre Launch Status (Dec 09)

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launch newsCOM = Cross on the Moon; We finished the year with a “Joy to the World” newsletter. COM is 5 months old and we have so much to be thankful for.

We knew that praising God in the heavens would meet resistence. A few comments sent directly to the presidet show palpable hatred for religion in general. I will not approve comments that use profanity or disrespects the opinions of others in a hostile way. However most comments are encouraging, especially from our email newsletter replies. From these we see a 40% open rate.

Our focus in 2010 must be to increase COM awareness. There will be private moon missions in the next 2 to 3 years with or without our support. Each month the moon makes the news. December 2009 was no exception. One item was the discovery of a large, deep lava hole as a possible habitat for a moon colony.

I contacted the Moon Society president this month and with other thoughts, suggested they form a council of theologians. I contend it will be impossible to keep individuals from practicing their faith away from earth. Not recognizing God’s role in the Universe as we explore is a mistake. How boastful and full of self we prove ourselves when we think to control and know all. Let us not have a separation of church and space. Instead let us recognize we need God in our hearts wherever we are, not just when standing on this planet. That’s what COM is about: advancing the freedom to worship from the moon and beyond. It begins by advocating the placement of the cross there.

Finally a word about our web site: we mix science and faith in articles and videos. We believe the two coexist but understand confusion it creates in those who want clear separation. A case in point is COM’s request for Federal Tax exemption made back in July 2009. Our acceptance letter has been under review since late October. They have asked many questions, both in writting and in telephone conversations wanting us to explain our religious, educational, and scientific reasons for government tax exemption. At times it is discouraging but we are stronger for submitting to the process. I expect a ruling within the next few weeks and will keep you informed.

Blessings to you,

M.N. Clark, President
Cross on the Moon

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