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Pre Launch Status (Sep 2010)

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COM = Cross on the Moon; September was a busy month for Google’s Lunar X-Prize. 22 teams are competing for the $30M purse. They meet October 4-5 for their fourth team summit. Team ARCA claims to have launched a test flight from a high altitude balloon. We are waiting for more info. Details are here: Lunar X-Prize

Since the prize deprecates (reduces) in value in the coming years, there is a strong urgency to place a rover on the moon. The deadline is in 2014.

In other news, the X-prize awarded first place to five, 8th grade friends from New Jersey called “Team Land Lords” who competed in creating a simulated lunar rover using Legos.

The Pew Foundation released a report this month that tested religious knowledge. Although not a surprise, Atheists and agnostics scored significantly higher than other groups. Jews, then Mormons followed by evangelical Christians were last. The report and in-depth analysis is here: Pew Religious test .

Finally, I came across this statement and want to share with you. Our thoughts will form words and from those we act. These actions become habits that define our character and it is our character that becomes our destiny.

My point is we need to constantly evaluate our thoughts to check if they are the character we want to be. Your faith plays a significant role in keeping your moral compass true.  

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