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Pre Launch Status (April 2011)

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launch news COM = Cross on the moon.

Greetings on Easter’s eve,

Everyday, Christians celebrate Christ’s sacrifice to pay for mankind’s sins since creation and into our future. This is especially true tomorrow, Easter Sunday. For some churches, Easter and Christmas are the most attended services of the year. These are festive days. As Christians, we know the son-of-man endured human pain to be closer to us. We do not know why bad things happen to good people but we know He will not forsake us. Every Easter, we are reminded that our God chose to experience being human. In the physical sense, God understands intimately conception, birth, maturation, and emotions: all leading to His experiencing human death. He rose from the dead and visited many afterwards. Our celebration continues here on earth and we outwardly show our faith.

Recognizing the cross’s meaning is at the core of the Gospel. There should be no mystery why we place the cross inside and outside churches, as grave markers in cemeteries and placed along roadsides as memorials. We wear the cross as more than jewelry. These acts will continue because we remember what happened 2000 years ago and look to God’s promise of everlasting life.

The intent of placing a cross on the moon is an extension of our remembrance and desires to build a personal relationship with Him. In Tim Keller’s book: “A Reason for God”, he answers critics who say Christians believe to be superior to non-Christians with this statement:

“We should think of churches as hospitals for sinners, not museums for saints”

His meaning was that Christians should recognize their “brokenness” and be humble because of what Christ did for us. When attending church this Easter Sunday, remember how much our God loves us amidst the celebration of resurrection. No other faith has their king willing to experience all aspects of being human.

Next month I will provide technical launch status. The countdown has begun for a handful of teams.

In Christ

Michael Clark, President