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Pre Launch Status (Jan 2011)

February 6, 2011 by  
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launch news Once again, I am a a few days behind giving status for the month. The race for funding a private unmanned lunar expedition is in full gear. Since Google’s Lunar X prize vanishes in 2014, teams are competing for launch schedules as well as vehicles to place them into lunar orbit. Lead times are incredibly long and very pricey. To that end, one team benefited from Draper’s donation of $1M and another team Astrobotic Technology submitted $1M as down payment for a launch vehicle. Many more dollars are required and even small individual contributions are greatly appreciated. Here at COM we will channel up to 90% of your donation to your team’s efforts. We cannot do more because of US tax laws.

As I write this, the Steelers and the Packers are playing in the Super Bowl. A 30 second commercial costs $3M. In comparison to the Lunar X-Prize, the logos on the rover will be broadcast to the earth many times in HD, certainly longer than 30 seconds and the population coverage to the world will be larger than tonight’s sporting event. It is no wonder why we at COM propose to sponsor placing the Christian cross on the vehicle that goes to the moon. This symbol of our Christian faith has its roots in knowing that God so loved us, He experienced human suffering and paid the price for our sins. No other world religion claims a god who loves us so much that he/it wanted to experience our pains. We may never know why God permits pain and suffering but because of what happened at the cross, we know He truly loves us.

Thanks for your support…

Michael Clark, president Cross on the Moon